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Franc Garcia was interviewed this week by a TV reporter.

He shops so frequently at WasteCap in Milwaukee that when local CBS was doing a feature about this organization, WasteCap asked Franc to explain how he uses their reclaimed architectual materials.

If you don't know who Franc Garcia is. Um, he's my friend of more than 20 years. Lately I have taken to calling him a Contributing Editor of this website (because if you can't give your friends unpaid titles, what's the point? ) 

Franc's story. 

Since I first published this - three hours ago - we have learned more specifics. That's why what you are reading now is different than what you read a while ago.  If you noticed this, you are reading this website so finely I ought to name you a Contributing Editor, also.  Just let me know...

Franc will be on at 7AM on Sunday 2/3, before CBS Sunday Morning. 


Other than that, have a good weekend and Stay Warm!


I was just informed that the show featuring Raised & Found will be shown next Sunday at 7:00 AM just before CBS Sunday Morning from New York... They need time to edit and put together all the different photos and interviews...

Look how Handsome my brother is? I am proud to have such an awesome and talented man for a brother...even if I am always referred to as "Franc's Sister". The man casts a huge shadow, but I bask in his shade. ;) P.S. ya' name is Angela


Hey Jack!!!!

I wrote this on my calendar!

Hi Jack!!! I didn't know I would find you here, what a wonderful surprise... And Angela the checks in the mail... How sweet ;)

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