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And just like that, my website is back.

Behind every website are a zillion lines of code. If you want to see what that looks like behind a page you are perusing – do this: On a computer (not on a phone) right click on any segment of a website. A box will open, click on Inspect and that will show you the code being used in that part of that website. You can’t mess with it, but you can see it.

This code is what the computer wizards work with. If you have kids in your life, entice them to take some coding classes a few hours here or there. Google “coding classes near me” and see what pops up. Sign them up for virtual classes. Coding skills are what sailing skills were to our great grandparents – a way to negotiate our world instead of being a passive consumer of it.

Len talked with the Go Daddy guy two hours the other day and neither of them could diagnose the problem or fix it.

This morning – it’s back. This is what Len’s suspects. Every website has to be hosted by a server; servers are a set of ginormous computers. Information going in and through those computers needs a unique code to be recognized. That code, different for each client they host, is called an SOA - Start of Authority.

Len suspects there was a mistake or Go Daddy got hacked – and our SOA (and maybe others), got garfed up. They worked on it two days and now it’s back.

I like understanding the sequences that make things work, even if I don’t really understand the process itself. And even though this is impressively technical, don’t you love that the process is the same as hut dwellers must have used thousands of years ago? Someone comes to your door – they have to identify themselves before you let them in.

Speaking of magical computers; I was at the reception desk of my physical therapy clinic, setting my next appointment. We agreed on a time, I had my phone’s calendar open and stated typing 10:30. Before I could type all four digits, I received the clinic email telling me what time my next appointment would be. That signal had gone to a satellite a hundred miles in space and come back to my phone, two feet from the receptionist’s computer, in less time than it takes me to type 10:30. 

Len is good. Every day his bruises are fading and his strength increases. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year- our family is bringing most of the food but we are having everyone together in our yard and garage. We have 4 kids under 5 who attend 3 day care sites in 2 cities. All adults are vaccinated but if any of those kids contracts Covid, they can get very sick plus their parents and all the rest of us will also have to quarantine two weeks. So we are gathering this year but cautiously and outside.

Yesterday Len and I worked in the garage two hours as we moved summer junk and tools out of the way. I carried and ferried. Len swept the floor. We dragged in the tables and chairs we will use for our get-together.

At the end of this Len felt fine and so did I.

When they say bad times can teach us to appreciate good times, they aren’t kidding.

I have never in my life been so grateful to clean a garage.

All these quotes are by Oscar Wilde, who was born on my birth date and died on Len’s.

“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.”
“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.”
“A good friend will always stab you in the front.”
“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”
and I think Oscar has my number: “Quotations are a serviceable substitute for wit.” 



Amazing! Love that Leonard's recovery is going so well, and that you are preparing for a safe family Thanksgiving celebration! Hugs all around!!

There is wisdom in this post! So happy Len is doing so well ! Computer information makes my eyes cross slightly. Ha

Gratitude for cleaning the garage...totally get it. Glad you are gathering for Thanksgiving. I'm with Karen, except that computer information makes me completely cross eyed. Patricia

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"You have to be your own health advocate." Really?


I don’t want to write about this forever, but I just learned some things about being ill and being healthy. Still learning, in fact.

One thing and another, this year I’ve had very high and then pretty high cholesterol numbers. My nurse practitioner wanted me to start a non-statin cholesterol-lowering medication, but because I’m me, first I tried a Chinese herbal called Red Yeast Rice (it’s the red that makes Peking Duck be red!) It lowered my numbers but because of other things going on, it wasn’t clear if it was the solution I needed.



My step-grandmother Ricky ate an apple every night. She’d sit on her bed, lean against the headboard, then chomp the apple after which she would remove her false teeth and lay down to sleep.

I haven’t really thought about Ricky in years but this week for no identifiable reason (because we were talking about unsung aspects of our lives?) I dreamed about her. I awoke one morning seeing her face as she stood in her dining room chatting with my mom and me. Ergo, I started thinking about her.

What's Ordinary in Your World?

This train photo is not cribbed from anywhere. It's a Genuine Leonardo. 


Hello and how are you? I am writing less and less as Len and I meander around to doctors, specialists, dentists, and that way-too-early appointment at the endodontist. (So far, we are fine.) The irony being that most of what we are attending to are the side effects of medications prescribed for stuff that didn’t hurt and we didn’t even know we had.

A Quiet Week

The cat in the picture is my daughter's cat, Nancy. Sometimes we all just need a quiet place to slow down and think.


What's going right in your world?


My teeth again. Argh. This past week I’ve had a jaw ache/toothache that got worse instead of better. Today my dentist said I need a crown but also that’s not the thing that is causing the swelling and infection and ache. I now have an Rx for an antibiotic and an appointment for that crown and an appointment with an endodontist to get an Xray worthy of NASA.

Memory & Consequences


To remember hard stories truthfully requires bravery.

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