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Three things to say today and none are about our goatish, swag-bellied, canket-blossomed president. How to create a Shakespearean insult. 

1. I just read this WONDERFUL and REMARKABLE book! The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

It was released recently and is fresh, surprising, and hope-bringing to readers who care about weird children, earnest adults, love, and hope.

It is magical fantasy – George Orwell’s 1984 meets Harry Potter and Narnia. A dutiful 40-year old man who is a case worker in a grinding bureaucracy is sent to investigate an orphanage of six magical children who may be out-of-control.

What he finds is what we all want to find. I don’t want to tell you anything else because the adventure of reading this book was so intriguing. Just let me mention that I said “Whoa!” more than once.

Should you read this novel?

  • Do you not always identify as or with CIS-gendered and overly-privileged people?
  • Do you often care a lot about kids, especially ones “with issues”?
  • Do you want to feel hope instead of the tedious onslaught of despair?

Klune’s story is about strength, laughter (the things Lucy says!), and a clear sense of what is real and what is magic.

I am bored of my clothes. I own at least ten black, charcoal, and navy long and short sleeved t-shirts, plus jeans so it’s a rare day I’m not in a dark t-shirt and jeans. Mostly I like this uniform, but, yes, it has been eight months.

If I were thrift-shopping I’d buy something new. But I am not. My shopping caution safeguards my health and also safeguards medical and hospital care for others;I figure my patriotism flies high when I stay out of places I don’t need to be.

But my clothes, seriously, have become Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

I do own more interesting items that I used to wear to church, meetings, and restaurants. I also have many things that don’t “fit right.” Too short, too long, too tight, too loose-Lautrec. You know, the things we keep because we like how they look in our closet but don’t wear because of so many small reasons

For the next week I am going to wear the stuff I never wear.

Just a week. It’s an experiment.

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” William James

This morning I read more about the Grand Jury testimony regarding the murder of Breonna Taylor. You read, too. You don’t need me to re-tell what’s out there.

But this really caught my attention. 

One day before the deadly raid, Detective Joshua Jaynes said he had “verified through a US Postal Inspector that Glover has been receiving packages” at Taylor’s home. But testimony from an internal LMPD report has cast doubt on Jaynes claim.

According to the Public Integrity Unit report, officers requested Shively police Sgt. Timothy Salyer and Det. Mike Kuzma question the postal inspector, who in turn said there were no packages being sent to Taylor’s home.

The Shivley officers were enlisted because LMPD no longer works with the postal service as a result of an unspecified dispute from a few years earlier, according to the report.

In a follow-up interview with the unit on May 18, Salyer said he reached out to Mattingly, who was wounded in the raid, about the warrant affidavit in wake of the shooting.

“Sgt. Mattingly stated he told Detective Jaynes there was no package history at that address,” Salyer told investigators, according to a summary of the interview.

Salyer said he was again contacted by two LMPD officers at the end of January, this time by Detective Mike Nobles and Detective Kelly Hanna, about any packages going to Taylor’s home, WDBR reported. He said he “told them the same information,” according to the summary.

Jefferson Circuit Judge Mary Shaw, who signed the search warrant for Taylor’s home, has since expressed concern that she (was) misled by officers in the investigation.

The cops said she was a drug-receiving person because her BF of more than a year ago was involved in selling drugs. Furthermore, they claimed, packages of drugs were being mailed to her house. But when investigators looked into this – they had been told that NO packages were being delivered to her house.

And then they got a judge to sign off on the search because of “drugs were being delivered to her apartment.”

I don’t know where to go with this. The detectives/cops who obtained the search warrant were somewhere between lazy and lying. They either didn’t read the search warrant, or they read it and didn’t care.

I think it matters that people hear and take in truths like these. So I am saying it.



The book is going on my list! I get it about the clothes. I haven’t bought a thing nor been in a clothing store since last January. Breonna Taylor —— the injustice makes one weep.

I can't be bored with my clothes mostly because I make sure that there is always something interesting to put a smile on my face when needed... I hate the cold but it raises my options as far as choices go( the only silver lining to cold weather )

I want to read this book! How about some photos from this week's outfits. I am inspired, I have been wearing my "cozies" for a bit too long!
Mary Beth's picture

Oh what a funny idea. Selfies of my outfits, ala Mary Beth the Nouveau Kardashian... We will see, Judy. We will see...

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Susan's Birthday Questions 10/19/2020

(One decorates for October birthdays with orange trees.) 

Last week was my birthday. My niece Susan sometimes sends me birthday greetings where she asks excellent questions. She doesn’t know I still have the card she sent six years ago; I meant to answer her questions in the blog I had then, but I never got around to it.

Stereotypes Day

Today is October 12th - Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Not Columbus Day, okay?

I was in the process of giving birth to one of our kids and it was getting on towards midnight. The midwife wondered whether our baby would be born on the day we were in or whether it would be a few more minutes and then the child would have the next day as their birthday.

10/11/2020 This Crazy Advent We're In Now

This painting is by Andrea Kowch


Regarding Time: It’s been about a million months since the quarantine started. It will be an at least one epoch if not two, until a vaccine is available to quell it. Election Day is here now (I’ve already voted, have you?) yet it feels as if it will never be done and gone. Even when Nov 3 arrives we could be in for more epochs of anxious and angry waiting as ballots are tallied, argued over, recounted, all while lawyers and politicians fight and scrap.

Quarantine Diary #200 The Debate

Regarding that Debate. 

I’ve been at a zoo when a cranky monkey starts throwing poop. That remembrance came to me last night. Watching Uncle Joe try to answer questions while Trump trash talked everybody and everything except white supremacists – that was damn ugly.

Quarantine Diary #198 Who we still are ...

I’ve been trying and trying to write but it hasn’t happened so this morning I looked at some of my old stuff and found this from ten days after 9/11. Made me remember who we are.

I think the miserable karma of Trump is happening. I hope we will be okay. I’m not sure how talk about the harm he has done and is doing now. 

But we … we are still who we are.

The flowers in the photo were a surprise gift, just yesterday, from a friend.

I have edited it a bit. 

September 21, 2001 Lost in Racine - An Aftermath of Civility

Quarantine Diary #187 "Hope is the thing with wings ... "

Last Sunday our congregation met in real time at an outdoor amphitheater along the Fox River. Everyone brought their own chairs and we social distanced like the thoughtfully PC UU’s we are. It was lovely to be together again.

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